Me & Gonzo

Eric Waetzig
Creative Direction,
Typography & Design

Misc. Product
Type & Lettering

As the Creative Director / Graphic Designer for the Arbor Collective & Arbor Snowboards, I've had the privilege to create what I believe to be some of the best snowboards available. Building on Arbors heritage of quality and craftsmanship, we’ve run the gamut from mother of pearl in-lays and premium woods on the Wasteland to the playful geometric patterns on the Poparazzi.

Working with one other designer, we’ve created the 2016 Arbor Snowboards collection pulling from and blending aspects of contemporary interior design, mid century modern, the occult, Peruvian tapestries and so much more.

Learn more about The Arbor Collective and see the full collection here.

The Arbor Collective
Arbor Snowboard Collection